Thursday, January 12, 2012

Princess Land

Kirra is very into playing princess lately. Grandma helped the cause by refreshing the princess dress supply for her birthday - last year's dresses were in shreds! And then Aunt Brandie supplied a vanity and mirror for Christmas. And to top it off, Grandpa Thom sent money for a Christmas Shopping Trip! Kirra choose a Tangled doll (now called Tangled Daughter) and another princess dress (Tangled, of course).

Here are some pictures of Kirra's favorite part of the house. Note the sparkly pink butterflies - also a new favorite!

And Aunt Kelly helped pretty up the room with her Christmas present, too - a custom hairclip holder!

Of course, it's always nice for a princess to have a co-conspirator. Luckily, Laine, our next door neighbor, loves to play princess, too. Here are a few pictures of the princesses/monkeys in action!

I'm pretty sure that standing on the handle bars of a wiggle car is not recommended by the manufacturer but try telling them that!

And finally, a princess needs to in danger to be rescued, right? Well, Corbin, Connor and Bode were happy to comply last weekend.

Don't worry - I made them untie the girls right after I got the pictures!

Well, that's it from Princess Land! Hope all is well in your world!

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