Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1st Attempt at Blogging!

I was sorting pictures to email to my Mom and realized that it would be much easier to just post them somewhere and let anyone who cares about us see them! So, here's my first blog attempt.

Last weekend was Kirra's 4th birthday. We had a "Cupcakes in the Cul de Sac" party Friday after school with our new friends, the Joncas'.  Then we took the kids up to see snow and they had a blast. Then headed home for presents and more cupcakes. It was a great weekend.

Here are pictures to prove it!

Here's Princess Kirra in her birthday crown.

Here are most of the party attendees - Corbin, Kirra, Laine & Connor.

Kirra was very pleased with the whole day. Laine came dressed up because she heard it was a princess party! So cute.

Ken picked out a sock monkey for Kirra. She obviously loves it!

Connor zooming down the "hill." It wasn't much of a hill but provided plenty of excitement for 4 and 5 year olds!

Corbin's turn.

My beautiful baby boy! It's so hard to get him to stand still for a photo. This one was just luck!

Daddy had to help Kirra through the snow.

I just love the Arizona skies. They are so clear and the clouds so beautiful. I have a feeling I'm going to be taking a lot of sky pictures.

Is it me or does she have an attitude just walking through the snow! So much fun and such a handful!

Well, that's it - my first attempt at blogging! Hopefully I can get the hang of it, come up with interesting things to say and keep all of my family and friends up to date on the Dixon Family Adventures!

ps.  If you double click on any of the pictures, you will be able to see the photos larger in a slide show! And if you right click any of the pictures, you can save them to your computer, just in case you want to keep a copy for yourself!